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London airport Heathrow is the biggest and busiest international airport in the world. It handles nearly 500000 flights and could easily feed the entire British population through its gates every year. For Heathrow to get this big, it took a series of major technological innovations. We have lined up 7 landmark airports, historic giants of aviation. At the heart of each one lies a technology that allowed airports to feed ever more people through their gates safely, quickly and comfortably. One by one, travelling up the scale, we`ll reveal the incredible stories behind these airports and the inventions that transformed them into sprawling city-like structures. 7 ingenious leaps forward that enabled airports to evolve from big, to bigger, into the world`s biggest.

Heathrow airport, Britain`s gateway to the world and a huge powerhouse for the country`s economy. And, now, it will get even bigger.

T-5, an immense new terminal that cost over 8 billion dollars to build is about to open.